World Individual Long Range

Report from Brisbane, Sunday 16 Oct. 11

Take a look the resultsopening fireworks

This pic was taken by Cathy Smith at our Opening Ceremony - I told you it was fabulous! Quite appropriate to use this, just after tonight's final whistle of the RWC game.  Good win to the All Blacks, even though Piri's kicking wasn't too accurate at times, we all reckon either his zero's out or he never put enough left windage on, one or two minutes out.

So the All Black have won their semi-final match against our friends, and who cares about anything else?  You all care, we hear you!!  Thanks for all the messages on Graham's web-page.  The first day of World Individual Long Range Champs today, and what a brilliant start by our Darryl Crow, shooting 75.11 at 900 yards.  The 1000 yard range was a bit trickier though and at the end of day one young Tony L is the top Kiwi on 27th place.  Personally, after the struggles I had the other day I was very happy with today's shoot and very happy to get straight on target after changing my front sight tunnel, popping in an eagle-eye and re-setting my zero.  I just had to battle the heat and humidity, it got up to 28 degrees on the range.

Good on Matt, carrying on his shoot after being stung by a bee on his trigger finger halfway through his 1000yard shoot!

The NZ Palma and Under 25 Teams had their official photograph taken by Karl before we headed back to QRA in our Number 1s.  I hope to get the pics on our site asap.

Tonight was the traditional presentation of gifts ceremony.  Programmed to start at 7:00 but it would've been a brave man who turns off the big telly before the end of the big rugby match.  I hope Tony got lots of useful gifts and that the recipients of our gifts are appreciated, especially the Cloudy Bay wine.

A very long day tomorrow, 8am, start and three ranges @ 15 shots, but at least the forecast is for an overcast day with lower temperatures.

Today's anagram is a little trickier: Conned, and joy b shown

PS, why is there a friggin' huge pumpkin on our table in the unit?? Amy keeps muttering she ain't gonna carry it around the range tomorrow. 

Coby Snowden


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