Office Bearers

Office Holders as at January 2024

  Mr A Whiteman
President Mr B Carter
Deputy President Mr M Dodson
Treasurer Mrs C Snowden
Secretary Mrs H Morgan
Executive Chairman Mr R Mason
Deputy Chairman Mr A Doyle
NRANZ Executive Secretariat
Chairman Mr R Mason
Deputy Chairman Mr A Doyle
Treasurer Mrs C Snowden
Secretary Mrs H Morgan
Regional Delegates
Northern Mr P Neal
Central Mr L Meredith
Wellington Mr D May
Southern Mr C Kershaw
Postal Vote Councillors (Elected by popular vote)
Feb 2024 - Feb 2026 1. Mr G Piper
2. Mr J Phillipps
Feb 2023 - Feb 2025 1. Mrs D Collings
2. Ms A Hatcher
NRANZ Scrutineers Mrs A Benbrook
Mr A Whiteman
Mr B Millard
Championship Planning Committee WRA Executive & NRA Secretariat
Championship Match Committee (President)
(South Island Delegate)
(Central Delegate)
National Selectors Mrs D Collings
Mr M Dodson & Mr C Kershaw
Technical Advisory Committee Mr M Collings
High Performance Coach  
Director of National Coaching Mr J Phillipps
Membership Committee Mr C Kershaw
Life Membership Representative Mr B Millard
Honours Committee Mrs D Collings, Mr O Whiteman
Grading Committee Mr C Kershaw
Range Certifying Officers Mr R Mason
Mr J. Snowden
Schools Postal Match Co-ordinator Mr J Phillipps
Under25 Development Coach Mr J Phillipps
Chief Range Officer Mr R. Morgan
Seddon Range Director Mr A Whiteman
NRA Publicity Officer Vacant
Representatives to Council
NZ F-Class Committee Mr L Meredith
NZ 300m Mr L Arthur
NZ Veterans Mr J McLaren
Other Council Appointed Delegates
COLFO Mr M Dodson
NZ Shooting Federation Ms H Freiman & Mr M Dodson 
ICFRA Delegates
ICFRA Councillor Mr M Dodson
ICFRA TR Committee Mr M Dodson
Commonwealth Games Committee Mr C Kershaw
World Champs Committee (WCC) Mr M Dodson
Veterans Committee Mr J McLaren
ICFRA F-Class Committee Mr F Duckett




NZ Club Teams Postal - Entries Close

01 Aug 2024

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