Classes of Shooting

Fullbore long range target rifle shooting has two main classes:

  • Target Rifle Shooting
  • F-Class Rifle Shooting

Target Rifle (TR)

Target Rifle is the traditional prone (lying down) shooting position with no rest, using micrometer iron apeture sights and usually a sling attached to a shooting jacket to assist with holding and aiming.

Target Rifle is graded from Tyro, C, B and A grade. Tyro is the beginner level, usually for the first year of shooting, where the new marksperson is allowed the assistance of a wind instructor (coach). In outdoor shooting the wind is a major factor on the flight of the projectile, which means a large part of the skill of the sport is to adjust the sights to allow for this using various guides such as wind flags.

F-Class Rifle (F-TR, F-Open, F-PR & FTR-Classic)

F-Class Rifle Shooting consists of four disciplines:

  • F-TR
  • F-Open
  • F-PR
  • FTR-Classic

F-TR or F-Open allows the use of a rifle fitted with a telescopic sight and shooting with the aid of a shooting rest or bipod. Whilst this gives some advantage over TR, the main factor is still allowing for the effect of wind.

F-TR rifles are limited to .223 Remington or .308 Winchester calibre chambers. F-Open rifle shooting permits more choice of calibres.

F-Class Rifle Shooting is something anyone can try and do well in, even with little experience. This makes F-Class Rifle Shooting an ideal beginner sport for both male and female shooters.

Sporter hunter class

The idea of a Sporter/Hunter class is to get back to the concept of using a cheaper rifle that is commonly available, used by thousands of existing shooters, and with the intention of them joining and shooting in NRANZ clubs. 



Canterbury Autumn Meeting

01 Apr 2023

North Island & Cheltenham RC 300 metre Championship

13 May 2023

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