WILR Day 2 17th Oct

Report from Brisbane, Monday 17 Oct. 11

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A totally different weather report today: cool, wet and windy!  So instead of wiping sweat off our faces we were faced with wiping raindrops.  It started this morning, about 2 shooters left to go at 800 yards (yup, I was one of them, but I was prepared with the raincape Jono organised for us and really I didn't mind getting wet). I was very happy with my 71.3 there.  The Range Officer did call ceasefire twice due to the heavy rain, which was nice but also frustrating, trying to keep gear dry. At least the wind remained steady.  Unlike the rest of the day, it went all over the place, hence to low scores for 900 and 1000.  Again I got wet at 1000, but my only concern was getting my eagle-eye wet.  I shot fast enough to allow myself a break in the middle to give it a wipe.  It was true Trentham-style shooting at both 900 and 1000 with the wind constantly changing angle, strength and at times direction too.  I thought I was the only one struggling but I noticed plenty of other scores in the 50's so I don't feel so bad.  Actually, I did enjoy it, as I have enjoyed all the shooting this week, I am grateful to be allowed to shoot here at all so I'm making the most of the experience.  At least I haven't shot on the wrong target so far this week, eh Tony! And Amy.  And Gareth. And anyone else who hasn't owned up.

So, even our most experienced shooters got hammered at 1000 yards!  But they're all smiling.  I just checked the official results site and some of the 1000 scores are still not up, but my spreadsheet of the Kiwi scores is up to date.  Please note Sam Teeling's results, he had a fantastic day, only 5 down for the day.

It's been a very long day, 3 ranges @ 15 shots, a team debrief, presentations, back to the motel, cook tea and get this report out (I delegated the cooking to hubby). Just 2 ranges tomorrow, 800 and 900 yards, forecast is fine so scores should look better tomorrow night.  Check out the nraa site for photos of today's conditions.

If you didn't get yesterday's anagram, it was Coby and John Snowden.  The others so far have been Casey Goldsmith, Sam Teeling, Richard Rowlands, Diane Collings, Brian Carter (but you all knew that).

Today's anagram is:  Worry'd Carl

Coby Snowden


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