Call for nominations for Palma Squad

Hi Team

It is my honour as the Captain of the New Zealand Palma Team to announce that we are now looking for nominations for the Palma team to compete in the Long Range World Championship to be held at Trentham in 2019. 

I have started to form the management team for this campaign and my Adjutant, Chris Kershaw, and I have also gathered a close knit group of senior people (The tight five) as close support and liaison.   Be aware that we will be looking for a high level of commitment and accountability from all squad members, we intend to ensure we are able to deliver to an International standard when it matters. 


- Palma training squad announced 1st Oct 2016.

  • First training weekend 26-27 Nov 2016.
  • National match Monday 9th Jan 2017.
  • Mini Palma match Sunday 15th Jan 2017.
  • Training weekend Easter 2017.
  • Palma squad selection June/July 2017.
  • Training Weekend November 2017.
  • National match Monday Trentham Nationals 2018.
  • Palma Team final selection Wed Trentham Nationals 2018.
  • Mini Palma match Sunday after Trentham Nationals 2018.
  • Training Weekend Easter 2018.
  • Possible tour to Australia or other Training Weekends at Trentham Spring 2018.
  • National matches and Palma match 24 Jan - 11 Feb 2019.   

The selection process will be subject to change along the way as there could be additions and deletions from the squad as training progresses and attitudes, abilities and motivations become clearer. 

The commitment we are looking for is full attendance at all training weekends and expectations to shoot in the National Matches during Trentham week in January. 

So if you wish to apply for the Palma squad please send your nomination to:

If you could also provide a brief outline of why you feel you should be included in the initial Palma squad along with your perceived strengths and attributes but also areas for improvement. 

Applications are requested by 23rd September 2016. 

I look forward to striving for excellence alongside you all during this exciting campaign. 

Thank you
Richard Rowlands
Captain New Zealand Palma Team

27 July 2016

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