Southern International Challenge - Individuals

Southern International Challenge Individuals

  300 600 800 900 Total
Charlotte 50.06 46.04 35.00 35.00 166.10
Amy 50.02 48.06 49.05 47.03 194.16
Helen 48.03 41.06 44.01 42.01 175.11
Darian 48.05 47.03 42.01 38.00 175.09
Coby 43.02 39.00 41.00 38.00 161.02
Nicole 50.06 49.04 48.02 47.01 194.13
Karyn 43 37 31 25 136.00

Nicole's new flash watch said it was 39 degrees on the mound at 800 metres.

What a day on the range. A cool start to a hot day, the mirage was 'stomping' and changed quickly from left to right once it warmed up.

We worked out our squadding pretty quickly and it's been great to intoduce ourselves to others from all over the world.  The silver fern pins are very popular and sought after!

The mounds are shingle and flat, and have ants both small and large.

Everyone today settled well into Bisley Style, don't know what I was so worried about! Some shot in two's, others in three's.

Ritchie McCaw our team mascot who is a 80cm teddy bear travels in Car 2 to the range every day was brought over from NZ by Coby (it was a gift from her workmates) is getting quite a bit of attention.

Me personally, I had catastrophic gear failure, I can only say that my groups were like rainbows and it got worse the future back I went.  I am unsure if my scope/rifle was damaged on the plane ride over.  I'd like to thank Carel & Jaco from South Africa, Darrell the US FTR captain, and a number of other very helpful and kind people (who's names I'm not sure of) who spent quite some time checking my gear, loaning me a scope at 900m (my elevations improved and groups came in), offering a loan rifle and giving me support.

John Miller found a Grooved Dung Beetle, which he thought was dead so named it Dan Carter and adopted it as another team mascot and popped it on Car 2’s dash board.  I can only imagine the uproar in the car when it started moving!

Car 1 stopped on the range road on the way back to the accommodation to photograph 2 giraffe.

We're having fun - South Africa is a great place and the people are fantastic.

We have our fingers crossed that we may be able to go hunting on Sunday, those that are keen anyway in Car 1............Car 2 will find something else awesome to do.

It's the first of our team shoots tomorrow!

Karyn Flanagan
Team Manager


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