Southern Hawkes Bay Championships 2012 Cheltenham

The 2012 Southern Hawkes Bay Champs was shot Sat 29 Dec at the Cheltenham Rifle Range.  Warm rain delayed the start of the event, but the weather improved as the day went on. Six targets were needed to cater for the 36 competitors.   Mirage shooting was the order of the day with a left and right  drift of no more than a half minute either way throughout the day.  Alan Lundberg of Karori RC top scored in F-Open with a score of 177 out of 180.  Steve Flanagan top scored in FTR with a 150.22.

The top six TR finalists shot 7 shots at 600yds with Andre Doyle of Petone RC going clean for the day and creeping past Mat Read of the Cheltenham RC by one point.

Download the results

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