Roving Shooter Visit to Camp Perry - Report 3

Subject: Camp Perry

Just the one individual match today, a 20 shot at 1000.

Was first to shoot so it was a chance to try out the much renowned early relay light. It was a lot like Saturday with an aiming mark that was not easy to see, so it was a case of the 6 foot square aiming mark again. Got up with a 196.6 which was a bit disappointing but the sighting was not easy.

I had a young guy paired with me and he had never shot at 1000 before, only as far back as 200! 15 or so shots later we were still not on paper, as in he had not hit the target.

We had several guys whose job it is to help those in this kind of distress. As I said the other day they use the number boards to aim at when this happens but even that was not helping much. In the end some of the problem was he was winding the elevation knob anticlockwise to go up, which is normal here, but he was winding the wind age arm clockwise to go right.

After the time was up we headed to the butts to do our marking stint. I had got a line burner 8 in my shoot and when I got to the target I had a look at the patches and my waterline 8 patch was sitting on the line. I picked the patch off and the shot was through the middle of the line.

After discussing with my co marker who was my scorer too, we got the butts officer over and explained to him what I had found. He got on the radio and it got sent to the match official and I got my extra point. I was lucky my sighters were a 9 and 2 tens, there was no patches at all in the 8 ring. If the other shooter had hit the target in the 8 ring I would not have got my point back. So my 196 became a 197.

The top scores in the Palma rifle category to qualify for the shoot off we're 198s so the extra point will be handy in my long range aggregate.

There was a 4 shooter coached teams match after the individual today. Twice during that shoot the targets and the range went to an emergency cease fire. It happens when boats stray into the area of the lake which is in the safety zone, as in where the bullets are falling. They have a big lookout tower which watches the area. The coast guard do chase them at times but jet skis and fast fizz boats are too fast for them anyway, apparently. The problem is probably worse at the weekend. It will be fun if it happens in the middle of the Palma match. Finally had a nice sunny day today with the temperature in the mid 20s. Nice shooting conditions with only about a 4 to 5 minute cross wind.

Tomorrow I only have one shoot again but it will be the last 20 shot one. Tuesday is their Palma match which is 8, 9 and 1000 with 15 shot matches, unlimited sighters at 8 and then 2 at 9 and 1000. Wednesday is 4 shooter teams matches across the Palma course, I think I will be shooting that too. These teams matches have a break in the middle to change the markers over, you shoot and mark in the teams matches here. Being fit is an advantage.


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