NZ Ladies Rifle Team South Africa Report 7

My FTR scope was damaged on the trip to Australia so it was up early to meet the Captain of the USA FTR Team Darrell Buell at 300m at the range.   Nicole and I stopped briefly on our way to photograph zebra and cows together on the range road.  Karyn has been overwhelmed by the support, offers of help and the loan of a Competition Night Force scope (which has not even been released yet).  Darrell fitted the Night Force scope (on loan, I have to give it back).  Darrell and Nancy Tompkins helped me to get on at 300m.   All I can say is thank you for your kindness.

It was then back to our accommodation to drop gear.  Car 2 had already been off to do some errands so we all took off to the Women’s National War Memorial, we were disappointed to find it was closed for renovation.  We did take some lovely photos outside and a turtle was spotted to photograph.  We then decided at 12pm to make the trip to Kimberly to see the Big Hole at the De Beers Diamond mine.  The trip was an interesting one…………road works for 32kms said the first sign.  It was an ‘interesting’ trip.

Today two of the team came down with a touch of the ‘Fonteins’ (tummy upset), a reminder that we indeed have to be careful of what we eat etc when we are travelling.

Car 2 managed to get there in time to do the tour, but Car 1 had been delayed and missed the tour but still managed to see the big hole (yes it is a BIG hole).   Some shopping was done in the gift shops.

Car 1’s return trip was slow due to getting behind a large truck in the kilometers of road works.  We stopped to photograph Ostrich as well as the glorious sunset.   This trip will probably the only time Karyn will ever tell Nicole she had a great MISS……………….she managed to miss a pothole the size of a canyon while travelling at high speed.  Who says Kiwi’s can’t fly!

We had hoped for Car 1 to go off for a hunt tomorrow, but it wasn’t to be.  We will find something else, there are a number of other wildlife parks locally that we can enjoy.  Car 2 have plans to go to Clarence.

The opening ceremony for the 77th South African Bisley Union  Championships is at 7am Monday morning.

Karyn Flanagan
Team Manager

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