NZ Ladies Rifle Team South Africa Report 6

With the Australian Ladies our group of 17 visited 'Cheetah Experience' a facility not far from our accommodation. What an amazing experience, we got to touch some of the baby ‘pussycats, there were lot of photos taken!

Car 1 headed off to pick up the Hoppies No 9 a nice gun shop assistant rang another gunshop and they held some for us.  The Americans had just been in and bought some, luckily the Irish and the English hadn’t found this shop as they were looking for it too. We stopped for a  light late lunch at the Waterfront.

Driving the the van back the same Driver of Car 1 asked the passenger to take some photos of the sky as there were some interesting cloud formations.  The driver was asked to wash the dirty windscreen and while doing so unintentionally squirted the Armed Chubb Security man driving in the next lane who had his window down.  Oops!

By this point we were yet again in fits of laughter, and were sprung by the Armed Chubb Security man still laughing at the next set of ‘robots’ (we call them traffic lights).  Having been totally sprung laughing we all turned and said ‘sorry’.  We got a smile and the thumbs up from the armed man.  Luckily he had a sense of humor.

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