NZ Ladies Rifle Team South Africa Report 2

The team arrived in Johannesburg after 20 hours travelling time. We all look a little tired, and I'm the last one up.

It took us 3 hours to clear customs, get our baggage and rifles, organise sim cards and T-sticks and get our two vans.  My rifle case came out a bit worse for wear, Gareth looks like I'm buying you a new one!

We picked up our rental cars, Karyn needed to remember how to drive a shift after 15 years of driving a auto it all came flooding back after a couple of kangaroo jumps and stalling the engine!

A big thank you to Jan & Bob Dyer for helping us with getting our rifles and letting us follow them back to our accommodation.

The team having a light meal at Montai Guesthouse.

NZ Ladies Rifle Team Dinner at Naties

John and Darian Miller celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  At dinner we had a cake, hope you enjoy the honeymoon suite tonight!

NZ Ladies Rifle Team John Darian 25th wedding anniversary

Our South African handloads were waiting for us when we arrived at Montai Guesthouse, a big thank you from the team to Schalk Cullinan for loading them and arranging for them to be here for us.

We drive down to Bloemfontain tomorrow.

Karyn Flanagan
Team Manager

NZ Ladies Rifle Team Flyhidrate

Wellington Airport with one of our sponsors products - Flyhidrate

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