Day 1 - Canterbury Spring Championships

Time for the Canterbury Spring meeting and, man, it ain't Brisbane!! Certainly not summer yet, at the 9am start it wasn't even spring, a very chilly start with the blustery southern wind. But no rain and no snow so we're grateful for that!

Bevan is keen to keep the Championship belt for another year with the overnight lead. Grade B is looking to be a close tussle between Andrew Orr and David Dick, let's see how they get on at the 15x900 and 1000 yards tomorrow! Brian Hawksby topped the short ranges in C Grade but again, let's see what tomorrow brings with Coby just pipping him at the 800 this afternoon. In F class Harvey leads the way with newbies Chris and Scott shooting good scores. Unfortunately Geoff Smith had another commitment this afternoon but will be back tomorrow to continue the good start he had at 300 and 500.

I do hope the temperatures are a tad higher tomorrow - otherwise looking forward to another fun day!

Results are here

Coby Snowden

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