2023 Marlborough Spring Championship

2023 Marlborough Championship Report 

The Saturday was cool with a light rear fishtail breeze, well light for Kaituna anyway.
The field of 40 competitors was spread across the three TR grades and the F classes. 

The TR master of the first day was Andre Du Toit going through clean with 200.29, with Martin Fleming and Allan White one point back.
Ian Hughes, Cheltenham, was running hot too in F Open only two off for the day.
Three shooters shot 303’s, shooting 300, 500 and 600, with Andre Doyle dominating with 137.7 from Darryl May on 125.5.
Of special note was the fine 47.3 shot by Andre at 600. This shoot equalled or bettered half of the A grade TR scores shot in that match. 

The second day was similar to the first except it was colder with a hint of moisture.

Andre Du Toit continued to dominate, and finished the short range aggregate clean, shooting 50.9 and 50.7 at the second 500 and 600, to total 300.43. The first time the shorts have been shot clean since we changed to the ICFRA target.
On 298 were John Snowden, Brian Carter and Allan White.
In B grade Gavin Riddle had a 4 point win with 295.29 from Chris Burgess and John Miller on 291.
In C grade 16 year old Reuben Henry won the shorts with 277.15 from Barry Brown on 271.15.
F Open went to Ian Hughes with 357.33 from Murray Cook on 356.21.
Matthew McCallum-Clark was the runaway winner of the FTR-Classic shorts with 344.25 from Coby Snowden on 331.11.
The FTR was won by Greg Hayes on 339.20 from John Pearce on 334.23.
FPR was won by Darryl May 341.18 from Peter Webster on 321.13. 

The first of the long ranges on the Sunday afternoon proved a bit more difficult with a lot less possibles being shot in the cool breeze. 

Monday dawned fine and sunny with the prospect of a warm breeze which, although not strong, proved to be quite tricky.
The TR long range aggregate went to Amy Hatcher on 198.20 from Vic McMurdo on 197.15 and Andre Du Toit on 194.19.
B grade went to Bruce Horwood with 195.14 from Barry Scott on 193.13.
C grade was comfortably won by Reuben Henry on 182.8 from Barry Brown on 177.10.
The F Open was close with Ian Hughes winning with 238.21 from Shaun Ellis on 237.15.
Matthew McCallum-Clarke won FTR Classic with 220.8 from Coby Snowden on 210.2.
FTR went the way of Greg Hayes with 231.11 from John Pearce on 216.9.
The closest longs aggregate was in FPR with Darryl May and Peter Webster both on 213. Peter having 9 centres though to Darryl's 5. 

The aggregates for 300, 600 and 900 yards are open to all classes of shooters with points down and centres up being used to decide the winners.
The 300 aggregate went to Andre Du Toit none down and 14 centres. Brian Carter and Martin Fleming were both on 11 centres. Andre also won the 600 none down with 12 centres.
The 900 was tied with Ian Hughes and Amy Hatcher both being one down with 9 centres. Unfortunately it was realised too late that there was a tie so no shoot off was held. 

The championship winner was Andre Du Toit  on 494.62 from Amy Hatcher on 493.48 followed by Brian Carter, 491.53, Allan White 490.47 and Martin Fleming 489.50.
The B grade title went to Gavin Riddle on 485.41 from Chris Burgess on 483.45 and Bruce Horwood on 481.41.
C grade was won by Reuben Henry on 459.23 from Barry Brown on 448.25 and John Fleming on 429.15.
Ian Hughes cleaned up in F Open only dropping 5 points over the ten ranges to post 595.54 from Shaun Ellis on 586.40 and Frank Duckett on 478.36. 

Matthew McCallum-Clark in FTR Classic dominated with 564.33 from Coby Snowden on 541.13.
FTR went to Greg Hayes on 570.31 from John Pearce on 550.32. 

Full results here

The championship aggregate 4 member club team went to Malvern with 1551.197 from Ashburton on 1532.159. 

The NZ U25 team were also on the range for the weekend but spent the whole weekend shooting coached as training. 

The 4 shooter 15 shot coached teams match at 900 yards to conclude the programme was shot with club teams of any class of shooter.
The aggregate score being worked out using points down and centres up.
The Kaituna team won 14 down with 20 centres from Ashburton 17 down and 17 centres, with Malvern third 18 down and 23 centres.
Top scorer was Andre Du Toit 1 down and 9 centres.

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