2023 Canterbury Spring Championship results

 Canterbury Spring Championship 18 & 19 November 2023

The Malvern Rifle Club hosted the Annual Canterbury Spring Championships on November 18 & 19. Thirty one shooters from throughout the South Island with one from Auckland gathered to participate in the 7 rounds of shooting over the 2 days of competition. There were 3 grades of Target Rifle Competition (A B C), FTR, & F-Open classes. 

Saturday's programme was  10 counting shots at 300, 800, 900 & 900 yards, with Sunday having 3 rounds at 500, 600 & 600 yards. 

The weather over the weekend was better than had been forecast in the week preceding the competition. Saturday was fine, sunny and cool, Sunday was hotter & sunnier, though a southerly change arrived after the Sunday prizegiving. 

The wind was never too strong over the weekend, but the wind as challenging for many of the shooters with subtle changes in pressure and direction that could be difficult to see and judge.

Some excellent shooting was seen over the weekend. Andre & Johan du Toit both shot 3 x 50s (in TR-A) in Saturday's four rounds of competition, but finished the day in 2nd & 3th place respectively with John Snowden leading TR-A with 2 x 50s & 2 x 49s for a Day 1 total of 198.16 (from the maximum 200.20). Many other shooters also shot 2 possibles during the first day. 

Mike Chui (F-Open) showed his prowess at the final 900 yards shooting an excellent 60.06 in a speedy 2 minutes 41 seconds from the allowed 16 minutes. His scores were challenged to keep up with his shooting. 

Andre & Mike both shot clear on Sunday with 3 possibles (50s and 60s respectively) in the 3 rounds of shooting. Andre only dropped 3 points for the weekend on his way to winning the Target Rifle Championship Belt. Mike won the F-Open Championship Belt and Matthew McCallum-Clarke won the FTR Championship Belt. 

Trophy winners:

TR Championship Belt - Andre du Toit

FO Championship Belt - Mike Chui

FTR Championship Belt - Matthew McCallum-Clarke

Fox Long Ranges - John Snowden

FTR Long Ranges - Matthew McCallum-Clarke

FO Long Ranges - Mike Chui

B Grade - Sam Kershaw

C Grade Oakes - John Fleming

Girvan 3year agg - Andre Du Toit

Vets Tray - Mike Chui

McKenzie Shorts A - Andre Du Toit

B Grade shorts tankard - John Miller

Ballinger Shorts Tankard - John Fleming

Coronation 300 - Andre Du Toit

Goodhart 500 - Mike Chui

Heaton Rhodes 600 - Andre Du Toit

Karori Centrals - Mike Chui

Ladies Rosebowl - Coby Snowden

Team Championship:

Shorts, longs and Grand: Malvern Rifle Club

2023 Canterbury Spring Championship results

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