2023 Canterbury Autumn Championship

Ashburton hosted a very enjoyable weekend's shooting.  Twenty-seven shooters arrived to a little drizzle but that stopped before shooting commenced at 9am.  The Secretary apologises to those she managed to stress out by "reminding" them Saturday's course of fire were all 15-shots (April Fools joke).

Saturday morning was cloudy and calm, with many possibles shot before the wind picked up over lunch.  The red pen was not needed at Sunday Morning's 600yards (15shots) with a nasty fishtail wind.  A couple of possibles at 700yards were applauded - John Snowden's 75.11 and Allan White's 75.7.

Allan White won the championship, dropping only 3 points all weekend.  Jason Henry won B Grade, John Fleming C Grade, Murray Cook edged out the other FO shooters with centre Xs separating the top 3, Charlie Ledbrook won FTR by a country mile and Bob McDonald won FPR.

The trophies for the combined Spring and Autumn aggregates went to Allan White, Sam Kershaw, Jess Riddle, Murray Cook and Charlie Ledbrook.

The Silver X trophy went to Bob McDonald for his helpfulness during the weekend.

Thanks to Brian Hawksby's kind donation, several chocolate Easter Bunnies were distributed to the grade winners plus some other individuals for excellent shooting.

Coby Snowden

Championship results 

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