2022 Marlborough Spring Championship - results

2022 Marlborough Spring Championship - results

Marlborough Championships, Labour Weekend 2022 

The Marlborough meeting was shot in fine warm conditions with the various Kaituna conditions being experienced through the weekend. The turnout surprised the organisers with fifty competitors registered, and four more pulling out with the flu in the days prior. There were seven targets in though and ready to go. 

Starting with the double 300 on Saturday morning, it promised to be high scoring with light, easy conditions. Whether it was early in the season, the bright Marlborough sun, or whatever the reason, by the end of the first 300, the fifty competitors had only managed TWO possibles. The second 300 saw a few more shot, 5, but nowhere near what the conditions demanded.

The afternoon conditions were light but variable with some better scores. B Grader John Miller, Ashburton, was leading at the end of the day with 198.14, from three A graders on 197. The FTR-Classic was led by Coby Snowden, Ashburton, with a five point lead and the F Open by Shaun Ellis, Cheltenham, with a one point lead.

A 303 match was also held with 3 shooters firing once at 300, and at 500 and 600 yards. Andre Doyle, Petone, produced a great finish to shoot 44.5 at 600, with a four V finish to the string to win on 133.08 from Daryl May on 113.04. 

Sunday promised to be the day that spread the field with the infamous nor'westerly predicted.

The morning saw the second 500 and 600 shot to decide the short range aggregates.

The closest result here was in C Grade with Bridget Hutching, Te Puke, and Jessica Riddle, Malvern, tied on 283.17. All trophies are shot off for, and in the shoot off Bridget scored 23.1 to Jessica's 21.1 to take the trophy.

A Grade went to Malcolm Dodson, Kaituna, on 197.21 from Johan Du Toit, Clevedon, on 296.30.

B Grade to John Miller on 294.19 from Chris Burgess, Kaituna, on 290.30.

Coby won FTR-Classic comfortably with 336.15 from Geoff Smith, Malvern, on 330.16.

In the F Open Shaun Ellis shot four possibles to lead from Mike Chui, Ashburton. Mike was the model of consistency, although he was frustrated, shooting six scores of 59, three of which were 59.7. 

Moving back to 800 to start the afternoon saw the wind pick up and the TR wind arms were regularly getting up into the double digits, and it was at its gusty and buffeting best. The shooting was actually easier from 900 later but the scores were similar.

By the end of day two, Chris Kershaw, Malvern, was in the lead in TR on 386.28 from Johan on 384.30.

John Miller continued to dominate B on 384.23 from Chris Burgess on 378.26.

Jessica was in charge in C grade with 376.16 from Kiriahi McKee, Malvern, on 371.16.

The close battle in FTR-Classic continued with Coby holding a one point lead with 429.15 from Geoff Smith on 428.17.

Shaun had built a three point buffer in F Open with 464.37 from Mike on 461.37.

The FTR had Kaituna's Phil Gardiner comfortably leading by thirty points and Greg Hayes, Cheltenham, having a 10 point lead in FPR.


Monday started with light and flaky wind, generally from the right, although the left side was there at times, but good scoring was a lot easier than the day before.

The B grade title went to John Miller on 477.27 from Bruce Horwood, Ashburton, on 475.39 and Jason Henry, Kaituna, on 461.29.

Jessica took out C grade on 473.27 from Bridget on 466.24 and Gavin Riddle, Clevedon, on 461.29.

Phil Gardiner comfortably took out FTR on 552.21. 

The top shooters fire their final 900 match shoulder to shoulder.

First up were the F Classes with F Open's Shaun having a 2 point lead from Mike.

Geoff had a one point lead on Coby but she had centres, and Greg had the advantage in FPR. 

Mike could only get one point back so the F Open title went to Shaun by one point with 579.43, to Mike's 578.45.

In Classic Geoff and Coby shot the same score, 55, so Geoff held on for the win with 539.18 to Coby's 538.19.

Greg stayed out in front in FPR to finish on 537.20. 

On to the TR final with Chris Kershaw holding the lead by two points from Jonno Phillipps, Kaituna, with Johan and John Snowden a point further back.

When the shooting was done, John had come through to win by centres on 482.47, from Chris on 482.42 and Jonno on 482.37.

So there were 3 classes or grades decided by one point or less. 

The all ranges concurrent club teams went to Ashburton, John Snowden, Gareth Miller, Bruce Horwood and Martin Fleming with 1909.150 from Kaituna on 1903.142 and Malvern on 1900.141. 

After lunch the coached club teams match was held with two F Teams, Cheltenham and Ashburton, and 5 TR teams, including a composite Wellington. The 15 shot match with four firers in TR went to the Clevedon Team of Johan and the Riddle family, Gavin, Jessica and Samantha. They shot 289.17 to Malvern and Kaituna's  284.21 and 14 respectively. The top scorer was Daniel Alexander, Malvern, with 74.8.

The Cheltenham team won the F Class Match with 338.14 to Ashburton’s 325.13. The top scorer was Shaun Ellis with 87.4, coached by Amy.

Malcolm Dodson

Marlborough Championships Coached Teams Match    
Johan Du Toit 74.4  
Gavin Riddle 72.6  
Jessica Riddle 72.4  
Samantha Riddle 71.3 289.17
Coaches Johan / Samantha    
Daniel Alexander 74.8  
Chris Kershaw 73.5  
Allan White 69.5  
Richard Rowlands 68.3 284.21
Coach Andre Du Toit    
Jonno Phillipps 73.3  
Helen Freiman 72.7  
Jason Henry 72.3  
Dom Henry 67.1 284.14
Coach Malcolm Dodson    
Gareth Miller 72.6  
John Snowden 72.5  
Martin Fleming 70.6  
John Miller 69.3 283.2
Coach Bruce Horwood    
Finn Darrel 69.5  
Daryl May 69.1  
Rob May 68.3  
Andre Doyle 67.2 273.11
Coach Anita Benbrook    
Cheltenham F Class    
Shaun Ellis 87.4  
Greg Hayes 85.2  
Peter Kynoch 84.5  
Ian Hughes 82.3 338.14
Coach Amy Hatcher    
Ashburton F Class    
Murray Cook 84.5  
Mike Chui 83.4  
Brian Graystone 81.2  
Coby Snowden 77.2 325.13
Coach Mike / Murray    


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