2020 Northland Championship results

Full results here

Hi folks, 

Well we have just had our first big champs on our new range and it was a great success. Perfect weather which got a bit too hot around midday so thank you to Phil and Cathy for lending us their large gazebo which was a godsend to shelter under away from the relentless sun. 

There were 19 shooters that turned up to enjoy a challenging shoot with tricky wind conditions that tested every ones wind reading ability with varying results. As usual it’s the ones that sort the wind out that are the winners and grinners. We got a lot of feedback from the visiting shooters who were very, very impressed with the range as it is the only one in the country with one mound which affords you the luxury of not moving all your gear to change range distance.

I will give the overall results and for our club members I will write up the scores on a spread sheet (when I get my head around how to use one) and send it to you.

TR - A
1st Johan Dutoit, Clevedon
2nd  Bruce Millard, Clevedon
3rd David Woods, Clevedon

TR - B
1st Reece Leite, Clevedon

TR - C
1st James Cheeseman, Clevedon
2nd John Scobie, Otorohanga

1st Charles Watson, Whangarei
2nd Steve Moffatt, Clevedon
3rd  Phil Tyler, Whangarei

1st Iain May, Whangarei
2nd Shane Kapene, Gisbourne
3rd  Makuini Moses, Clevedon

1st Geoff Brock, Whangarei

Gong shoot
Jame Cheeseman, TR
Geoff Brock FO-FTR


Thanks to my wife Lynley and Konrad for helping with the registration and writing up the score sheet and thanks to all the shooters from other clubs who travelled large distances to make the champs a great success. 

A big thanks to the farm owners Dave and Natalie for their generosity in allowing us to establish one of the best ranges in the country and for keeping their valuable cattle out of the way. 

Awesome to see Don, Anne and Roy out there to. Anne enjoyed her first ride in a Polaris!!!



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