2019 Canterbury Autumn Championships

The Canterbury Rifle Association Autumn Meeting opened on a cold clear Saturday morning at the Ashburton Range. Shooters from the top of the South (Blenheim) and the bottom of the South (Riverton) and the West Coast were present along with shooters from points in between. The Southern Alps visible behind the targets had a fresh dusting of snow. 

Many shooters took advantage of the 0900 start at 500 yards scoring 50's and 60's before a shower of cold rain swept through. The wind had risen for the next round at 700 yards with scores reflecting the trickier conditions. After the lunch break the A grade TR shooters scored well at the 300 yard range with 4 scoring 50s. Only one shooter scored a 50 at the final 600 yard range – well done Daniel Alexander from B grade.

Day 1 Aggregate leaders were John Snowden (TR-A) 197.21, Brian Hawksby (TR-B) 194.20, Coby Snowden (TR-C) 169.04 Murray Cooke (FTR) 221.13 and Les Grimsey (F-Open) 236.20. John Snowden 3 points down for the day and Les Grimsey 4 points down for the day. 

Another cool Canterbury morning greeted shooters at the start of the second day. Light but difficult to read winds – for most shooters - were the order of the day. 15 shot matches for the second day would test many shooters. Three A grade and a F-Open shooter managed 75's and 90 respectively at the opening 600 yard distance. Scores were closing up and for 3 classes, TR-A, TR-B and FTR it would come down to the final 700 yard range to determine the results. No 75s or 90s at 700 with Allan White (TR-A) 74 and Les Grimsey (F-Open) 89 leading the way. 

Day 2 Aggregate leaders were Allan White (TR-A) 149.18, Daniel Alexander (TR-B) 143.12, Coby Snowden (TR-C) 124.03 Mark Alexander (FTR) 166.09 and Les Grimsey (F-Open) 179.07.

Grand Aggregate Winners
Allan White - 344.41 by 7 centrals from John Snowden
Brian Hawksby - 339.29 by 4 points and 4 centrals from Daniel Alexander

Coby Snowden - 293.07
Mark Alexander - 382.17 by 2 points and 1 central from Murray Cooke

Les Grimsey - 415.27 by 8 points from Mike Chui who had a better (by 8) centre count.

Les only dropped 5 points for the weekend, closely followed by Allan and John S who dropped 6 points for the weekend.

Winners of the A aggregate of the Canterbury Spring and Canterbury Autumn Champs.

TR A Grade - John Snowden

TR B Grade - Brian Hawksby

FTR - Murray Cooke

F-Open - Mike Chui

Weekend scores here

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