2017 Southland & Eastern Southland Championship

Southland Championships, 9th and 10th December 2017 

We had a reasonable turnout for the weekend, for a mixed bag of weather.

A northerly Saturday morning, turning westerly and strengthening during the day. Some light rain in the afternoon didn't impress us, but probably pleased a lot of local gardeners and the farming fraternity.

Sunday morning was wet right up to start time, but cleared and a strong westerly especially at 600 yards caused a bit of strife for some of us. 

December 2017 Trophy winners.

Southland Championship trophy winners

A grade                      Ken Chittock               342.27
B grade                      John Fleming               328.24
C grade                      Darrian Miller              311.16
F class                        Mike Chui                   416.32
FTR class                   Daniel Alexander        403.20

600 yd agg                 John Miller                  143.06
Veterans                     John Miller                  341.29
Top southlander         David Taylor               327.22

Eastern Southland trophy winners.

A grade                       John Miller                 197.20
B grade                       David Taylor               194.16
C grade                       Darrian Miller             188.11
F class                         Mike Chui                  238.19
FTR class                    Daniel Alexander       233.14

Top overall score        John Miller                 197.20
Top southlander          David Taylor              194.16

Full results here

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