2014 - Quadrangular Teams Match Kaituna

Congratulations to the Wellington Team for its performance at the Kaituna Range today in the annual quadrangular teams match between Canterbury, Marlborough and Wellington. A great feature of todays competition was the number of C graders who started in their regions number one team and performed extremely well. Shooting alongside was a composite F Class Team of available shooters. Scores for the F Class team to be posted as soon as available.

Today’s match was shot using E Targets at 300, 600 and 900 yards again with very few electronic issues interfering with the match.

Conditions were increasingly chilly after a calm and clear start to the day. Winds at the 900 yds were variable, tricky with mostly right pressure, rapid increases and drop-offs.  A Wind-Coach's nightmare.

Wellington’s win today was their first win since 2006 and appear to be on a path of constant improvement. Well done to all the young and rapidly improving new shooters who took part.

Download the results

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