2014 - North Island 300 Metre Championships

2014 North Island 300 Metre Championship - Rotorua Mead Road Range

Report from Lindsay Arthur

Saturday 3rd May.  Day 1 of the North Island 300 metre Championship started with a fine cool morning and calm winds.  Things were looking good for some high scoring.  A little late starting than expected with a couple of guys testing their rifles at 100 metres and shooting got under way after 11 with a little more wind around, both the range and targets looking sharp.  Six keen shooters over two squads.  A little PVA to hold the target faces on.  The old target shed still has its resident swarm of bees living in the end wall, luckily no one showing any interest at looking at them.

Scores for the day; Lindsay Arthur taking out the day with a solid 593.36, 2nd Rob Johansen 581.22 and 3rd Irene Cameron 574.16.  Alan Dickson 571.17 with a wrong target, should have been 10 points better.  Rick Ruiterman on 569.21 and John Scobie 563.13

Sunday 4th May.  Day 2 again started out fine with the weather looking better than the day before.  Thanks to Rotorua for putting on calm winds only.   Second day got under way on time around 10am.   The 1st squad of shooters scoring better than day one being up 10, 6 and 4 points respectively.  The 2nd squad acquiring an additional shooter from day 1.

Would I be able to mark targets?  Yes but not before consuming a hand full of feijoas and leaving the skins on the roof of the car.  Marking targets was a learning curve and hadn’t planned on this task.  Scoring 10 points per shot and a maximum of ten x's per 10 shot string.  Congratulation to Rob Johansen on taking out day two with 591.40, (yes 40 x's out of a possible of 60).  2nd place down 3 Lindsay Arthur on 590.23.  Aland Dickson in 3rd place finishing up 14 points on 585.19 and all on his own target.  Irene Cameron up 6 points on 580.18.   Rick Ruiterman up 10 points on 579.18.  John Scobie up 4 points on 567.15.

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