2014 - ISSF 300m World Champs Spain

Here are some photos of the three hundred meter range and the gully underneath the projectile path, and the little windows they have to pass through. You will note that there are no wind flags nor because of the gully is there any opportunity to see mirage. We have tables to shoot off and so the position needs to be quite straight.  If you put your mat to far to the right to get your legs all on the table the short wall at 50 meters creeps into your view of the target. Irene is having trouble with her sprawled position leaving her left legs dangling in air. Which became very painful on her knee after only 20 practice shots.

Lindsay's practice went well. He centered pretty quickly and he was putting them into the middle.

Rob started with a very low one and then one to the right,  but then got into the zone, he managed about four or five 10.10 shots. 

Irene did twenty shots,  she had a good string of about 7 tens, then a couple of nines, but her group was quite wide, probably due to the leg being off the table. She changed her position completely and brought her right knee up. Her elevation tightened up, but she was having to think about each shot. 

Also sending a photo of us sitting in front of the wifi tent, and also of the view out over the shotgun range.

Our first night here Greg took us into town for dinner, after about five turns we were completely lost and just following along. Well after walking in what appeared to be circles,  we asked Greg where we were going, he said he was following Ryan, who may have just been following a girl with a short skirt.

Eventually we found the place and it was very nice,  Irene had a salad and was amused to find she had travelled thousands of kilometers to be served kiwifruit.

Report from NZ 300 metre team.
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