Winner of the Raffle for a Barnard Action Announced

The National Rifle Assn of NZ recently ran a raffle with a brand new Barnard Model P Action as the prize.  This action was presented to the lucky winner, Rick Fincham on Wellington Rifle Assn's closing Day at Trentham by the NRANZ Secretary, Andre Doyle.

Rick is no stranger to Barnard actions and is already the proud owner of two Barnard Precision Actions; a 1990 Barnard Action which he used to win the 1999 Ballinger Belt New Zealand Championship, Rick estimates he has put 50 to 60,000 rounds through this one action.  Rick also owns a 6mm BR on a 1999 Barnard Action and has won the 300 Metre National Championship a number of times using both of these actions.

Rick says that New Zealand shooters are fortunate to have Barnard Precision a local, high quality action maker providing excellent support and back up service for all NZ shooters.

The NRANZ’s thanks to Steve Bartlett from Barnard Precision for his companies continued sponsorship and support of the National Rifle Assn.

Thanks also to all those that sold tickets on behalf of the NRANZ and to everyone that supported this fundraiser by buying tickets.

Karyn Flanagan
NRANZ Publicity Officer

Barnard raffle winner

Rick being presented with his new Barnard Precision Action

Barnard Precision

Bruce Millard, NRANZ President visited Steve Bartlett from Barnard Precision thanking him on behalf of the NRANZ and the winner Rick Fincham for providing a Model P Precision Barnard Action as the raffle prize.



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