NZ Palma Team Report 5

Monday: First day of the United States Fullbore Nationals (USFB). Today we did ranges 300,600 and 900 yards. The day begin quite cool in the morning following the end of a storm which was impressive to watch with plenty of lightning and thunder. However the day warmed up and soon we were roasting in our jackets. The winds at 300 and 600 yards were a steady left wind while things got tricky at 900 yards when the wind changed at the end of the lunch break from a steady left wind to a chopping and changing left and right wind.

Notable scores from today were Bradley who only dropped one point and a couple others who only dropped between 2 and 5 points throughout the day.

The night before the USFB we had a meet and greet function which allowed us to meet with other members of the shooting teams and exchange gifts. Many kiwi and silver fern pins were exchanged on that evening.

The USFB are using ICFRA targets so they have the same scoring system as us. However the shooting is still one person to the target so when the shooter has completed his match he or she removes their gear from the mould and allows the other shooter to pop down on to the mould.

Our house in Port Clinton is very impressive with plenty of room for all of us. We have set up a loading room near the kitchen which is getting a good work out. The feeling of living near the sea is very strong here as every room as a picture or a ornamental lighthouse. We also have great views of the lake from where we are.

Best Regards 
Clinton, Grace, Jack and Irene

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