NZ Palma Team Report 11

Monday 10th August report from Owen, Charlotte, Casey and Amy.

Today was day 3 of the world long range individual. Today's course of fire was meant to be 800,900 and 1000 but due to the 1000 match yesterday being called off due to rain the match committee decided that today would be 900 and 2x 1000. The morning started with roll call at 0730 followed by the usual fouling shots and colours.

Notable performances from today are:
John Snowden top score at 1000 with 75.8
Brad is currently 25th with a score of 445.52 out of 500 next is Allan White 27th 445.50 next is John Snowden 444.57

One more day of individual tomorrow which is 15 shots at 900 and 1000 then top 10 shot off at 1000 then on to Palma practice day then 2 days of Palma.

This is the last report from our house there is only one thing left to say.... GOODO

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