NZ Palma Team Report 10

Hello all report for Sunday 09 August

A rather interesting day here in Camp Perry as the day started with a medium to high temperatures with a relatively high humidity. The wind conditions were rather light during the morning with the flags hanging down the poles which made it possible for many 75s to be shot by the contestants. The wind conditions were so calm that when the cannon was fired marking the start of colors (Americain national anthem). The smoke from the discarge hung in the air for a long time.

As we progressed to 900 yards the winds picked up a bit and began to start to lift the flags up off the poles. This kept the shooting interesting for the rest of the day until lunchtime. There were whispers of rain on the horizon but most people on the rain dismissed these speculations as it was still a nice sunny day.

The wind started to really pick up when we lay down at 1000 yards. The author of this report got a bit of a shock when he fired his first shot on 5 minutes wind and then progressed to using 10 mins to get into the five ring of the target. After getting up with a resonable score the first couple of rain drops started to land. There was only enough time to lob all our shooting gear into their bags before we were all drenched. The mist rolled in and soon the targets were lost in the mist and soon the match was called off and the scores for the ones who had shot at 1000 yards were scratched much to the disappointment of many shooters.

The rest of the day was spent wring out shirts and drying out gear so that it was all ready for the next day.

Best Regards to all
Clinton, Grace, Irene and Jack

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