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Good evening, 

A quick message in relation to applying for an endorsement and permit to possess prohibited items. 

We have updated the Police website with the relevant information and forms for those in the community that would like to apply for a prohibited firearms licence.  The information is found here: 

There is a wealth of information on this page that will help those in the firearms community who wish to apply for an endorsement. Please share this link with your networks and members. 

You may have seen media reports of the Prime Minister indicating that an announcement will be made on Thursday in relation to the ‘buy-back scheme’.  You can expect more information to be made available post this announcement. - Please continue to urge your networks and members to access the Police website for up to date information, and to register their details if they are in possession of prohibited firearms and parts. 

We thank you and the community for your patience as we work through these processes. 

Many thanks,
Inspector Morgan Gray


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