F-PR rules

NRANZ new F-PR class rules


A. Rifles shall not exceed a calibre of .308 inch

B. Barrel length shall not exceed 715 mm (28.15 inches) measured from the bolt-face to the muzzle. Barrel length excludes the length of a suppressor if used.

C. The rifle and ammunition combination used must be capable of maintaining projectiles velocities above the speed of sound from the firing point to the target.

D. Rifle weight with bolt, bipod, suppressor, scope and magazine* (*if detachable) shall not exceed 9.6kgs.

E. Any rifle scope may be employed

F. The action and the stock shall possess a magazine cut-out

G. Rifle can be fired from either a bipod or from a bag placed under the forestock.

H. The width of the forestock shall not exceed 66mm (2.6 inches).

I. Bipods must be of a commercial folding leg design (e.g. Harris, Atlas, Accu-Tac or other similar commercial design). Bipod spikes are permitted. Other forms of front rests, joy-stick style bipods (ie SEB joypod), and mechanical front rests are not permitted.

J. A rear bag or rear mono pod may be used.

K. Suppressors are allowed. Muzzle brakes are not permitted.

L. Triggers are to comply with ICFRA rules F2.11, F2.12 & F2.13

  1. F2.11. Triggers will be manually operated: electronic, set or “release” triggers are not permitted.
  2. F2.12. The weight of the trigger pull is unregulated but must be safe and conform to the requirements of rule F2.13.
  3. F2.13. A trigger will be deemed “safe” if the sear engages on each occasion when the bolt is slowly and gently closed three times in succession with the barrel pointing upwards. Any failure will lead to the trigger being deemed “unsafe” and the rifle may not be used pending rectification.

M. Ammo muzzle energy level shall conform with NRANZ range limits

N. Use of Magazines. Some rifles may require the use of a magazine. Magazines may only be used as a loading platform. Ammunition is not to be fitted into the magazine for multiple round firing capabilities.

O. Rifle: May be built around any manually loaded action designed to safely fire permitted cartridges.

F-PR class rules

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