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Report - Tuesday 17 April 2018 


What a privilege it has been to be a part of the NZ Team at these Gold Coast Games.

The NZ management and support staff are a very well organised and friendly group of people.

The Athletes and Managers showed great fellowship and respect for each other across all sports and the value and commitment to the Fern and NZ was outstanding.

All this in an environment created by the Gold Coast organisers with the help of hundreds of volunteers gave everyone the greatest opportunity to perform to there very best.  While our shooters may not have achieved the higher results they were looking for, I know that nothing was left to chance and all 11 NZ shooting competitors gave everything they had.

Thanks for the support to our guys.

Regards, Bevan

Report - Saturday 14 April 2018


Most of you will have seen the results after the final 900 and 1000 yards.

David Luckman, England 1st and Parag Patel, England 3rd again and Jim Bailey, Australia 2nd which was great for Jim.

John finished 8th on 400 out of 405 points and Brian about 14th on 398.

The top 3 or 4 shooters all shot above any previous score which shows how high scoring it was.

With little wind and light drizzle it was really hard for anyone to catch up and pass the leaders, although a very good 75 by John at 1000 yards moved him up the list.

More later. Pressing needs ahead.

Cheers, Bevan

Report - Thursday 12 April 2018


Stage two today helped spread the field a bit today.

Brian dropped 2 points and John 3, but are still in touch with the longs ranges  to come on Saturday.

Training day tomorrow and the final on Saturday.

I've run out of photos so have two to show what the Boy's had for tea. We are really suffering, I'm sure you wouldn't like it!Cheers, Bevan

strong>Report - Wednesday 11 April 2018

Hi The boy's have put yesterday behind them and both got off to a cracking start today in Queens 1 with 105.14 out of 105.21 each, which has them 2nd equal.

It's a long way to go, but great to see them shooting well.John and Coby also enjoyed the surprise of the commentator wishing them a happy 10th Wedding anniversary over the loudspeaker on the range!!

Photo is of a sand sculpture at the village.  The guy changes it every few days.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Cheers,  Bevan

Report - Tuesday 10 April 2018


Well the pairs final is over. It got quite exciting in the end after 1000 yards with only 3 points between 1st and 5th places.  We ended 5th, which while disappointing, we did shoot the same score today as the winners did.  If we had a better start yesterday, a little more luck and one more point, we would have had the bronze.

England - 1st, 584.61

Wales - 2nd, 582.58

Scotland - 3rd, 582.49

South Africa - 4th, 581.53

NZ - 5th, 581.50

Australia - 6th, 580.54

So they will dust themselves off and now focus on the individual matches over the next four days.

Photos of everyone getting ready at 900 yards and John and Brian about to start a match.  Also adding a photo of the medal ceremony.

Cheers, Bevan

Report - Monday 9 April 2018


We've had the first day short range pairs match today.  Long ranges tomorrow.

Not the best start, but we are still in touch depending on the weather tomorrow.

The top teams are Australia, South Africa and England all one point down.  A few team's are two and three down and Brian and John are four points short.

John had the better day, one down.

It was hot with light shifting winds.  There was quite a big crowd watching including some Kiwis which was nice.  We will be trying hard tomorrow to make up some ground.

Cheers, Bevan

Report - Thursday 5 April 2018

Hi All

As most of you will have seen, we had the opening Ceremony last night.  Going by the comments received since then regarding how easy it was to spot the old white headed fellow among a group of children, I wish I was a foot shorter!

It was a fantastic experience for all of us and really reinforced the reason why John and Brian have committed so much to this campaign.

We spent a lot of time in queues for buses, in holding rooms and then a long walk to the stadium, so missed a lot of what was going on.  But to walk in, and onto the track and have the New Zealand name called out certainly made the old hair stand up on the back of the neck.

The 'Boys' are having a couple of days off with their families as tomorrow the range is closed while they set up for the Official start on Saturday.  Saturday and Sunday are official practice for the Pairs match which is on Monday,Tuesday.

I've just had lunch with Charlie and Carmily, well they were in the dining room while I was there! They then set off for a walk-about and it suddenly p'ed down, raining hard. Not sure what happened to them as I was inside and dry.

I went down to Broad Beach this morning to help John find Coby and the kids in a huge giant mall!! Pleased to be back in the village safe.

If anyone would like to leave a goodwill message for Brian and John, you can send it to my email

I may not be able to answer the emails, but I will pass on the messages.  Thanks.

More in a few days.  Bevan

Report - Tuesday 3 April 2018

Hello everyone 

Not much news, but to say the boys are working really hard to get as prepared as possible for next week when the real action starts.

We alternate each day between short ranges and long ranges, so get plenty of opportunity to try different rifle settings and system's in different weather conditions.  The constant changing light with cloud one second and bright sun the next is one of the challenges they face.

The range is in beaut nick, with credit to the local folk for all the mowing and weeding etc.

Also the volunteers are great, running shuttle vans out to the range and back, putting up shade tents to store gear and to get out of the sun or showers between shoots and they have cold water and tea and snacks etc. Mostly locals so we know a lot of them which makes it more enjoyable.Tomorrow is the opening Ceremony, so we have to get a bit of kit together.  The photo shows Brian ironing my shirt in Rob Wardell's (Chef de mission)!! bedroom.

We will practice again tomorrow, then may take a wee break before the official trading on the 7th.

Cheers, Bevan

Report - Sunday 1 April 2018


We are having fun in the sun.  Bit of cloud and wind but no rain and warm.

Coached pairs practice at 900 and 1000 yards today.  Went ok, but the changing light made it hard for a lot of the shooters to group tight.  A few changes of sight elements soon showed some improvement.

Yesterday the Games baton was run through the shooting venue and Brian, Natilie and Ricky were invited to join the Australian group at the media bun fight.  The other photo (see gallery at bottom of page) is the view from my room of the main street of the village.

More when there is.

Cheers... Bevan

Report - Friday 30 March 2018

Hello everyone. 

We have set-up at the Games village which is very nice. Good accommodation and meals. Lots of security and official's, but friendly. We are 80km from the Belmont range in Brisbane,so it is an hour ride in a bus each way when there is no traffic, or up to 2 hours when there is!!

Yesterday was a set up and find everything day, both at the village and the range.

Today Brian and John practiced at 900 and 1000yds.

It went good.

The bus is waiting, so more next time.

Cheers, Bevan 

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