2014 Comm Games Update#26

Day after.

On reflection the morning after a wee dram, we still never achieved anywhere near where we should have in the fullbore. A lot of possible reasons will be looked at in time, but I repeat what I said earlier that I know John and Mike put everything into it they could.

Apart from the result, it has been a fantastic experience, busy, but enjoyable. Great accommodation and the shooting ranges were well run with super friendly and helpful folk that always greeted you with a smile and a comment. The weather has been great apart from a half hour downpour on our shoot. Oh yes and a bit of fog!! The other shooters had some good results (GOLD!!) and some high placings and was a real treat to see some of them ply their trade.  John is away with his family for few days before heading home.

Mike and I are on our way to the Glasgow Village and he heads home tomorrow. I have been asked to stay on until after the closing to manage/supervise the remaining shooters. It has been suggested that that might be a bit like putting a rabbit in charge of a lettuce patch!!  It will be fun to have a wee look around the other sports, although the fact that I've left Kathy to run the farm sole charge for over a month in the middle of winter is pricking the guilt button just a wee bit. Anyway, this is me on my way aye. Thanks for all the emails of support. They’ve been great. I was a bit busy to reply, but were all shared. Sorry for the bad spelling and grammar. Some of it was lack of knowledge, some of it was big fingers,  small screen!

Thanks to all

Carnoustie Golf Course

Looking over the golf course to the shooting venue by the trees

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