2014 Comm Games Update#15

First day of practice. What an effort the Scots have put in. People everywhere to welcome, help and provide stuff. A lot of shooters are getting hay fever from the summer grass. I made a query at the medical center as to where to buy some stuff and presto, product at the Hotel In 1hour! I enquired about getting a stamp and envelope to send Bob Aikin some entry tickets and the guy tells me he lives in Edinburgh and will deliver them!! The place is as big as Auckland!!

Anyway the practice went well. Beaut day, warm with light right wind. The boys shot some real nice groups at 3,5&600 yds. Long range practice tomorrow then 300 on wed morning followed by mental training in the afternoon. We will have to miss out a team function and the opening do as it is 2 hours drive each way, they finish late and the 1st match(teams match) starts on Friday, so every practice is important as rain or fog could put us inside playing tiddly winks instead. Now Mike Collings!!! Last night in amongst all the baggage scans we had to do, Mike got caught trying to smuggle a bottle of beer into the bloody pub we are staying in!!. Photo below of our digs. We are pretty lucky. A 15 min walk or by bus. Posh too.

We spent 10 days at Bisley using 1 towel and here they keep nicking it each day and leave a new one! And the food. I have to walk in with blinkers on and just get my cornies and milk and dream. The rest of the Kiwi shooters and crew seem happy in there work. We also have a lot of the smaller country teams here with the Scottish team.

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