2014 Comm Games Update#14


Mike and I arrived at the Glasgow Games Village to do our accreditation etc just as the NZ team were given a welcome and flag raising ceremony. It was great to be part of it. The village is impressive, all brand new apartments which will  be turned into retirement units after. We then bused up to Carnoustie to our digs (The Carnoustie Golf Hotel!!) Some teams are here, the others are about 15 km south at Dundee.

We are lucky being here as we can see the range from the pub window, although we still have to bus round to it. The security is incredible, x-ray machines and police everywhere. Very reassuring although I wonder if I might end up glowing in the dark by the end of it!

John is arriving today after driving up with Coby and children. We will be practicing today once we do more paper work and get to the rifles in the armoury. Thanks for the kind words and good wishes. Exciting times ahead.



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