2014 Comm Games Update#07

Queens stage one today, 7 shots at 3, 5 & 600yds. Mike shot 105 something good and John S 104 as did John M (not sure the centers sorry) which means they go through to stage two. I had a bit of a Horlicks at 500 with some random high shots to go with 35's at 3 & 6. John S shot a nice 50.5 @900yds. Mike and John M got 49's and I squeaked a 48.

The other day I commented about my 50.9 in the Wimbleton 600yds which I assumed gave me second place on countback like we do at home, however we are in England old chap and it is good form when you have a tied score, you have a shoot off.  So we did and had to shoot 5 shots@600yds and then shot for shot if its still tied. However the other fellow got two 4's in his 5 shots and I managed four V bulls and a 5 which ment I won they bugga!!  Turns out the trophy is exactly the same as the Ladies' Plate at the Wimbledon Tennis.

Tomorrow is 600yds x 15 shots to end the Grand. Mike and John S are still in the top 50 so far which is good as we are playing against 900 odd keen shooters. We are going to shoot in the International Teams matches over the next three days as a 4 man team as well .

Picture is the London & Middlesex Clubroom where John S and I are staying. It looks better on the outside!!

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