2014 Comm Games Update#06

St Georges stage 1@300 yds 15 shots this morning. Top 300 go on to shoot 15 shots at 600yds sometime later this week. Mike and John S both shot 75.9 and went through in 77 and 79 place. John M and I missed out. 300th place was a 73.9. I had 73.7 and Mac had 72.11. Rest of the day was county teams matches, so we had a catch up day on washing, cleaning rifles and houses and John S caught up with family.

As we don't have much more news, we thought a wee quiz might be good . In the photo we have the four of us plus one ring in. If the mood takes you, guess whose legs belong to who from the left and email Andre at .

Legs at Bisley

Legs @ Bisley


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