National Rifle Association of New Zealand

Skills Training Weekend 2016

Posted by Helen Morgan

Coaching and Training Weekend

October 8th and 9th 2016

Trentham Rifle Range

This is a chance to -
- improve your technical coaching skills
- improve your own shooting skills
- add to your knowledge and skills

Bring your rifle and a notebook. There will be some handouts too, so a clear file could be handy. While some sessions are primarily aimed at the Target Rifle sling shooters, there is plenty for the F Class shooters too.

Start time, 9.00 am Saturday morning, Provincial Club Rooms.
Finish time 3.00 pm Sunday afternoon.

This first set of  topics that will be covered before we go out and start shooting.
• Getting set up with your rifle, tricks and techniques.
• Natural point of aim, establishment methods.
• Shooting skills on the rifle.
• What to look for when setting up new shooters, getting the balance.
• Sights and sighting.

An indoor session that goes outdoors.
Wind and weather skills.
• Flags, angles and strength
• Mirage
• Rain
• Shooting smart
• Handling the rough stuff
• Shooting skills that help
• Equipment

After the shooting ends we get into the interesting discussions.
Technical stuff
• Ammunition loading
• Load development and testing
• Scatt and other training aids
• Whatever else comes up.

There is a charge for the weekend, this will be for range use and it will be used to offset the travel costs for those out of town. This is the same system that is used for team training's to some what equalise costs. The cost will be $100.

You will not need more than 100 rounds of ammo for the weekend, probably less. The main focus is on skills improvement as opposed to actually shooting.

We will try to coordinate any pickups for those that need it for out of town participants. Accommodation is available at the Provincial Club rooms but you need a sleeping bag, cost only $10 per night.

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